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         Mr. Phan Thanh Dung

Deputy Directors

         Mr. Do Kim Thanh

         Mr. Pham Hai Duong

The major research center of RRIV in Ben Cat, Binh Duong

Established in 1941 and primely named as l’Institut de Recherches sur le Caoutchouc en Indochine (IRCI). IRCI activities has seen its ups and downs during the its developments, since 1990 the Rubber Research Institute of Vietnam (RRIV) has become the official name of the organization.

As a member of Vietnam Rubber Group (VRG) the overall commitment of the RRIV is to enhance the competitiveness and stability of Vietnam nature rubber industry in the global environment through R-D programes and effective transfer of technologies.

Human resources

Presently, the RRIV has more than 600 staffs including 5 doctors, 20 masters, 85 engineers and bachelors, 53 technicians who have qualifications in doing research and transfer of technology on agronomy, rubber processing, quality control of natural rubber, effluent treatment, etc.

Research and Development

- Breeding and selection of appropriate rubber clones for various rubber-growing regions in Vietnam.

- Study to improve rubber cultivation methods for rubber planting sectors.

- Launching research projects on nutrition diagnosis, fertilizer application and soil classification.

- Studies on management of disease, insect and weed in rubber plantations.

- Latex diagnosis and determination of appropriate tapping systems for mature rubber plantation.

- Studies on processing technologies and waste water treatment from rubber processing factories.

Phòng kiểm nghiệm Cao su Trung tâm Công nghệ Cao su Xưởng Cao su tờ

Transfer of technology and services

- Consulting and recommending appropriate rubber clones for various rubber-growing regions.

- Rubber clone identification.

- Soil classification and fertilizer recommendations for rubber plantations.

- Latex diagnosis and tapping system recommendations.

- Disease, insect and weed control on rubber plantations.

- Consulting and transferring RSS processing technique to rubber smallholders.

- Consulting and transferring waste water treatment methods.

- Consulting to establish the rubber testing laboratory; testing nature rubber quality; participating in cross-check among the laboratories.


- Guiding students from colleges and universities doing their final projects on agronomy, biotechnology, chemical technology and environmental engineering.

- Organizing training courses on various aspects such as rubber clones, soil and nutrition, crop protection, latex harvesting, natural rubber quality control, RSS processing and waste water treatment from rubber processing factories.


- The RRIV which is a member of the International Rubber Research and Development Board (IRRDB) cooperates with many rubber research institutes on the world.

- The RRIV also cooperates with many colleges, universities, institutes and rubber companies in Vietnam.

Products for rubber cultivation

- Purebred, high quality rubber planting materials.

- Chemicals for disease, insect and weed control on rubber plantations.

- Supplies the latex stimulant and equipments for tapping.

Stimulants BDNH 2000 Thuốc trị bệnh Loét sọc mặt cạo Tapping knives
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